Traditional Mortgages and Solar Loans Are Dead.

Solenmo helps homebuyers and homeowners maximize their ROI to own solar power & more using secured funding without expensive loan fees.


We help homebuyers and homeowners access funding for energy upgrades and even EVs without taking out a second loan. Get cash in as little as three weeks to pay for your new energy smart life and a whole lot more.

Need funding for home energy improvements or retrofits? Go Solenmo.

Buying a Home

Buying a home without buying the energy it needs is like agreeing to pay a credit card with 100% interest rate every month, forever. Go Solenmo to own your home & your power.

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Today's Rates

The more utility rates increase, the more savings are realized. Go Solenmo to save the most money now and over time using secured funding instead of expensive unsecured loans.

Keep Your Credits

Traditional solar lending expects that solar credits and incentives are surrendered during the promotional period. Go Solenmo to be cashflow positive right away.

Skip Traditional Loans

Traditional mortgages and loans are dead because in order to finance solar, there is additional debt and monthly payments that are not tax deductible. Go Solenmo to have a smarter mortgage with very little to even no electric bill for as long as you want.

Rates and Terms (20/20 vision)

Homebuyers can receive solar funding for up to 20% of the home's value at closing & receive up to 20% of their solar project value to cover closing costs. Some homebuyers can buy a home with little to no money down and pay no closings costs. Many people realize they can't afford to NOT go Solenmo. So, they Go Solenmo... What will you do?

Already a home owner and have 20% equity or more? There's a good chance you can receive 100% project funding with no money down, no interest and no payments.

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Why Go Solenmo?

Solar energy is essential in the hearts of world citizens and global leaders who want to choose a better future. We believe that everyone who wants to, can more easily live the American dream of home ownership while also going solar.

Solenmo is setting a new trend in home ownership and home improvement by helping people access secured funding that pays for solar and other home upgrades to improve the way you experience your home.

We want you to know what it feels like to Go Solenmo.

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Get Solar! - Once funded, your solar will be scheduled and installed as soon as possible!

Start Saving - When your solar system is turned on, lookout for your next electric bill that will show your solar generation credits.


Federal Tax Credit - 2022


Additional incentive for homebuyers


Happy Customers

"This is 1,000% the best thing I've heard of in the last six months!"

– Mona, Real Estate Broker | City Home Collective, Salt Lake City, UT.

"The next house I buy , I'll go Solenmo."

– Robert Henry

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