A secured way to pay for solar + more...

Zero Payments For up to 10 Years.

Solar loans don't come close to the monthly savings you can pocket from equity funding.

Energy projects and other home upgrades get funded upfront for up to 10 years to carry the balance with no monthly payments.

Most people are debt sensitive and don't go solar due to loan structure. Win more clients and fund bigger projects with no monthly payments or tax deferred requirements.


Arizona | California |Florida | Michigan | Minnesota | Nevada | New Jersey | New York

North Carolina | Ohio | Oregon | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Utah | Virginia | Washington

Maximize Monthly Savings. Keep The Tax Credit.

The equity fund invests alongside homeowners, providing cash today and participating in the proceeds at the time of the home’s sale or settlement.

Imagine you're a homeowner...

Thanks to our partnership with Hometap, their equity based funding enables you to use some of the equity in your home to fund life’s needs and opportunities. Accessing your home’s equity without incurring debt can be a smarter way to accomplish your financial goals.

Unlike a lender, the investors are not guaranteed a return on their Investment. As an homeowner, your do not pay any monthly payments. Instead, you share in the market value of your home over the next ten years — the investment is paid back when you sell, buy it out, or reach the end of the effective period.

Maximize Monthly Savings. Keep The Tax Credit. Virtually No Dealer Fee.


Solenmo is a consumer brand that connects real people with our funding partners for home energy products and upgrades without taking out a second loan.

Accessing project funding without incurring a second loan can be a smarter and faster way to accomplish your goals.

Low Credit Score

600 FICO scores and above qualify

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Own Your Future

No prepayment penalties


Complete your application, get your estimate, sign documents, get cash; the entire process can take as little as three weeks.


Fund the renovation of your dreams – from a modest bathroom upgrade or in-law addition to a back deck and more.

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75% Loan to value requried

Have at least 25% Equity? - Receive from $15,000 up to $600,000 or up to 30% of the appraised property value.

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Home Equity Required




Receive from $15,000

up to 30% of appraised value up to $600K

I went from simply paying off my debt, to now being able to take out extra money that will allow me to make additions to my property, that will increase my value.


“I was able to buy my dream car and pay off my solar without depleting my savings.”

De Moine

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Get cash in as little as three weeks to pay for your project or even your EV.

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